ZAZA (1923)

imdb rating6.2
Zaza is an actress and the favorite at an open-air theater in a small French town. When diplomat Bernard Dufresne comes to the village, he stays away for fear he will fall for her. But during one performance, while Zaza is singing on a swing, her rival cuts the rope and she falls. Zaza is badly injured and she makes Dufresne's acquaintance. A romance quickly springs up and he installs her in a villa. Their happiness is marred, however, when his wife appears.


Allan Dwan


Gloria Swanson - Zaza
H.B. Warner - Bernard Dufresne
Ferdinand Gottschalk - Duke de Brissac
Lucille La Verne - Aunt Rosa
Mary Thurman - Florianne
Yvonne Hughes - Nathalie
Riley Hatch - Rigault
L. Rogers Lytton - Stage Manager
Ivan Linow - Apache
Florence Fair - Madame Dufresne
Helen Mack - Lucille Dufresne
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