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The Woman in Green (1945)

imdb rating6.7Rotten Tomatoes rating100%
Sherlock Holmes investigates when young women around London turn up murdered, each with a finger severed. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot.


portraitRoy William Neill


portraitBasil Rathbone - Sherlock Holmes
portraitNigel Bruce - Dr. John Watson
portraitHillary Brooke - Lydia Marlowe
portraitHenry Daniell - Professor James Moriarty
portraitPaul Cavanagh - Sir George Fenwick
portraitMatthew Boulton - Inspector Gregson
portraitEve Amber - Maude Fenwick
portraitFrederick Worlock - Dr. Onslow
portraitPercival Vivian - Dr. Simnell
portraitCoulter Irwin - Corporal Williams
portraitSally Shepherd - Crandon
portraitMary Gordon - Mrs. Hudson
portraitJohn Burton - Waring the Mesmerist (uncredited)
portraitHarold De Becker - Shoelace Vendor Henchman (uncredited)
portraitTony Ellis - Carter the Hypnotized Subject (uncredited)
portraitBess Flowers - Bar Patron (seen in mirror) (uncredited)
portraitKay Harding - 4th Victim (uncredited)
portraitAlec Harford - Commissioner of the CID (uncredited)
portraitOlaf Hytten - Fenwick's Butler Norris (uncredited)
portraitBoyd Irwin - Short-Tempered Officer Closing Window (uncredited)
portraitEric Mayne - Member of Mesmer Club (uncredited)
portraitWilliam H. O'Brien - Pembrook House Waiter (uncredited)
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