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The Witch's Sabbath (2005)

imdb rating3.1Rotten Tomatoes rating36%
A murderous coven of witches open a sexy strip club to lure in unsuspecting sacrifice victims in this erotic tale of terror from genre specialist Jeff Leroy. As Halloween draws near, a coven of witches must claim the heads of 666 victims in order to usher in the arrival of the Dark Lord and maintain their evil power. With only days to go before their deadline arrives, the satanic sirens open the "Sin and Skin" gentlemen's club in hopes of reaching their goal and achieving ultimate power. As the clueless victims are lured to the witches' lavish mansion and offered one final meal, their dark goal comes ever closer to being fully realized. On this night, though, the evil coven has underestimated the determination of their dinner guest to see another sunrise, and before the night is over these witches are in for one hell of a deadly surprise


portraitJeff Leroy


portraitSyn DeVil - Auriana
portraitChristine Cowden - Eliza
portraitEli James - Seth
portraitEric Coffin - Damian
portraitApril Betts - Keaira
portraitGregor Collins - Derrek
portraitAnnmarie Lynn Gracey - Roxy
portraitRandal Malone - Guiles, the Butler
portraitJed Rowen - Dave
portraitLisa Sparxxx - Meiko
portraitMitch Toles - The Bouncer
portraitGina Valona - Rachon
portraitPatrick Burdine - Drunken Patron
portraitRikki Barry - Amber
portraitRon Jeremy - Craven Moorehead
portraitLawrence Long - Travis
portraitMadelynn Spaseff - Young Eliza
portraitErin Spaseff - Mother
portraitJana Vandenberg - Witch
portraitJustin Rae Barnes - Waitress
portraitJ.K. Baltazar - Bartender
portraitAbbey Viarreal - Stripper
portraitLori the Gory - Stripper
portraitKiki Encina - Stripper
portraitJason Johnston - Drunken Patron
portraitRobert L. Miller - Drunken Patron
portraitForrest Brown - Drunken Patron
portraitPaul Brian - Drunken Patron
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