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The White Sister (1923)

imdb rating6.9Rotten Tomatoes rating73%
Angela Chiaromonte is the daughter of a wealthy Italian prince who is killed in a fall from his horse. Though Angela stands to inherit half of a large estate, her older half-sister burns the will and thus inherits everything herself, throwing Angela into poverty. Fortunately, Angela is engaged to marry dashing Captain Giovanni Severi - but he soon is captured by Arabs while on an expedition to Africa. Believing him dead, Angela, dedicating her life to his memory, becomes a nun, unaware that her lover has escaped his captors and is returning to Italy. The dramatic climax takes place against a backdrop of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.


portraitHenry King


portraitLillian Gish - Angela Chiaromonte
portraitRonald Colman - Capt. Giovanni Severi
portraitGail Kane - Marchesa di Mola
portraitJ. Barney Sherry - Monsignor Saracinesca
portraitCharles Lane - Prince Chiaromonte
portraitJuliette La Violette - Madame Bernard
portraitGustavo Serena - Prof. Ugo Severi
portraitAlfredo Bertone - Filmore Durand
portraitRoman Ibanez - Count del Ferice
portraitAlfredo Martinelli - Alfredo del Ferice
portraitIda Carloni Talli - Mother Superior
portraitGiovanni Viccola - Gen. Mazzini
portraitAntonio Barda - Alfredo's Tutor
portraitGiacomo D'Attino - Solicitor to the Prince
portraitMichele Gualdi - Solicitor to Count
portraitGiuseppe Pavoni - The Archbishop
portraitFrancesco Socinus - Prof. Torricelli
portraitSheik Mahomet - The Bedouin Chief
portraitJames E. Abbe - Lt. Rossini
portraitDuncan Mansfield - Cmdr. Dorato
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