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The Unholy Three (1925)

imdb rating7.2Rotten Tomatoes rating83%
Three sideshow performers form a conspiracy known as "The Unholy Three" - a ventriloquist, midget, and strongman working together to commit a series of robberies.


portraitTod Browning


portraitLon Chaney - Professor Echo / Granny O'Grady
portraitMae Busch - Rosie O'Grady
portraitMatt Moore - Hector McDonald
portraitVictor McLaglen - Hercules
portraitHarry Earles - Tweedledee aka Little Willie
portraitMatthew Betz - Detective Regan
portraitEdward Connelly - Judge
portraitWilliam Humphrey - Attorney for Defense
portraitE. Alyn Warren - Prosecuting Attorney
portraitMargie Angus - Twin (uncredited)
portraitMary Angus - Twin (uncredited)
portraitWalter P. Cole - Human Skeleton (uncredited)
portraitCarrie Daumery - Pet Shop Customer (uncredited)
portraitDelmo Fritz - Sword Swallower (uncredited)
portraitAlice Julian - Fat Lady (uncredited)
portraitPeter Kortes - Sword Swallower (uncredited)
portraitMickey McBan - Boy Watching Hercules' Act (uncredited)
portraitWilmuth Merkyl - Jeweler (uncredited)
portraitJohn Millerta - Wild Borneo Man (uncredited)
portraitLouis Morrison - Police Commissioner (uncredited)
portraitMajorie Morton - Mrs. Arlington (uncredited)
portraitWalter Perry - Dime Museum Announcer (uncredited)
portraitLouis Shank - Newsboy (uncredited)
portraitVera Vance - Dancer (uncredited)
portraitCharles Wellesley - John Arlington (uncredited)
portraitPercy Williams - Butler (uncredited)
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