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The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

imdb rating7.1Rotten Tomatoes rating94%
Renowned for his excess, King Henry VIII goes through a series of wives during his rule. With Anne Boleyn, his second wife, executed on charges of treason, King Henry weds maid Jane Seymour, but that marriage also ends in tragedy. Not one to be single for long, the king picks German-born Anne of Cleves as his bride, but their union lasts only months before an annulment is granted, and King Henry continues his string of spouses.


portraitAlexander Korda


portraitCharles Laughton - King Henry VIII
portraitRobert Donat - Thomas Culpeper
portraitFranklin Dyall - Thomas Cromwell
portraitMiles Mander - Wriothesley
portraitLaurence Hanray - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
portraitWilliam Austin - Duke of Cleves
portraitJohn Loder - Thomas Peynell
portraitClaud Allister - Cornell
portraitGibb McLaughlin - The French Executioner
portraitSam Livesey - The English Executioner
portraitMerle Oberon - Anne Boleyn
portraitWendy Barrie - Jane Seymour
portraitElsa Lanchester - Anne of Cleves
portraitBinnie Barnes - Katherine Howard
portraitEverley Gregg - Katherine Parr
portraitTerry-Thomas - Extra (uncredited)
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