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The Minion (1998)

imdb rating4.0Rotten Tomatoes rating16%
New York, Christmas Eve, 1999 - at the dawn of the new millennium - a subway construction crew unearths an eight hundred year old Celtic skeleton and a mysterious key. Archeologist Karen Goodleaf is called in to determine the meaning of the discovery. News of the discovery reaches a Middle East monastery where the warrior monks knowns as the Knights Templer - an ancient sect entrusted with protecting holy relics - choose their best pupil, Lukas (Dolph Lundgren) to face the diabolical threat. As Lukas races to New York, an evil Minion seizes Karen and uses its body like a parasite and host. Lukas arrives just in time to rescue Karen and despatch the Minion. The Minion takes hold of another host - revealing that it is immortal. As it cuts a path of destruction through the city, decimating a parking garage and leaving a trail of death, Karen realizes that the Minion can't be killed - but only delayed from finding a new host.


portraitJean-Marc Piché


portraitDolph Lundgren - Lukas Sadorov
portraitFrançoise Robertson - Karen Goodleaf
portraitRoc LaFortune - David Schulman
portraitDavid Nerman - Lieutenant Roseberry
portraitAllen Altman - Dante
portraitJean-Marc Bisson - Bernard
portraitDon Francks - Chief Michael Bear
portraitMichael Greyeyes - Gray Eagle
portraitAndy Bradshaw - Photographer
portraitAnik Matern - Police Lieutenant
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