The Mechanical Man (1921)

imdb rating6.0
The story begins with a scientist creating a device shaped like a man that can be remote-controlled by a machine. The mechanical man possess super-human speed and strength. The scientist is killed however by a gang of criminals, led by a woman named Mado, who wish to get the instructions for building the mechanical man. The criminals are captured before they are able to get them and are brought to trial and condemned. Mado manages to escape and kidnaps the scientist's niece whom she forces to give her the instructions which she uses to build a mechanical man.


André Deed


André Deed - Saltarello
Valentina Frascaroli - The adventuress
Giulia Costa
Mathilde Lambert - Elena D'Ara
Gabriel Moreau - Professor D'Ara
Ferdinando Vivas-May - Ramberti
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