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The Making of a Man (1911)

imdb rating5.3
A young woman becomes infatuated with the leading man of a traveling theatrical troupe. She sneaks away to join him in the next town, but her father forces her to return home...


portraitD. W. Griffith


portraitDell Henderson - Leading Man
portraitBlanche Sweet - Young Woman
portraitEdwin August - Young Woman's Family
portraitWilliam J. Butler - Young Woman's Family
portraitDonald Crisp - Actor / Backstage
portraitEdward Dillon - An Usher / At Dance
portraitGladys Egan - In First Audience
portraitFrank Evans - The Sheriff / In First Audience / At Dance / In Second Audience
portraitJoseph Graybill - Actor / Backstage
portraitGuy Hedlund - The Boyfriend
portraitGrace Henderson - In Second Audience
portraitHarry Hyde - In Second Audience / At Second Stage Door
portraitJ. Jiquel Lanoe - Young Woman's Family
portraitWilfred Lucas - In Second Audience
portraitCharles Hill Mailes - In First Audience / At First Stage Door / Backstage
portraitMabel Normand - In Second Audience
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