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The Luck o' the Foolish (1924)

imdb rating6.6
Harry and Marcie are on a train headed for a new job. There's comedy in the berths and during Harry's morning shave, then a thief steals the money Harry needed for his new job, so he has to go back to being a beat cop and Marcie works as a seamstress. One evening, she delivers a dress to a party; a Lothario asks the hostess to get Marcie to stay. Outside the same house, Harry the cop is investigating strange noises. Thieves, bombs, a wallet, a swimming pool, and misunderstandings figure in the luck of our foolish but winsome pair.


portraitHarry Edwards


portraitHarry Langdon - The Boy
portraitMarceline Day - Mrs. Newlywed
portraitFrank J. Coleman - Derrick Wells - the Heavy
portraitMadeline Hurlock - Adeline McClusky - the Flirt
portraitEli Stanton - Dangerous Dan McGrew
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