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The Livingston Gardener (2015)

imdb rating4.4
In order to close the case files on over a dozen disappearances, a persistent detective, a bereaved senator, and a skeptical prison warden agree to the request of a convicted serial killer - Jim Gardener - granting him a live television interview in exchange for the locations of his remaining victims. But when Gardener faces off against newsman Pierce Lawrence, he reveals that many of the girls he abducted are still alive, in captivity. Gardener uses this information to manipulate Pierce, as well as the warden, the senator, and the detective - setting in motion a sinister plan that will leave them all scrambling for the upper hand.


portraitChristine Elise - Detective Ellen Carnes
portraitJames Kyson - Pierce Lawrence
portraitDouglas M. Griffin - Jim Gardener
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