The Little American (1917)

imdb rating6.0Rotten Tomatoes rating50%
A young American has her ship torpedoed by a German U-boat but makes it back to her ancestral home in France, where she witnesses German brutality firsthand.


Cecil B. DeMille
Joseph Levering


Mary Pickford - Angela Moore
Jack Holt - Karl von Austreim
Raymond Hatton - Count Jules de Destin
Hobart Bosworth - German Colonel
Walter Long - German Captain
Wallace Beery - German Soldier (uncredited)
Norman Kerry - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Colleen Moore - Maid (uncredited)
Ramon Novarro - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Sam Wood - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
James Neill - Senator John Moore
Ben Alexander - Bobby Moore
Guy Oliver - Frederick von Austreim
Edythe Chapman - Mrs. von Austreim
Lillian Leighton - Angela's Great Aunt
DeWitt Jennings - English Barrister
Olive Corbett - Nurse (uncredited)
Lucile Dorrington - Nurse (uncredited)
Clarence Geldart - Submarine Commander U-Boat 21 (uncredited)
Carl Gerard - Reverend (uncredited)
Robert Gordon - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Gordon Griffith - Child (uncredited)
Charles L. MacDonald - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Bernard Niemeyer - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Sam Robinson - Noah (uncredited)
Marian Swayne - Lindy Gray (uncredited)
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