The Lady (1925)

imdb rating4.9
A young woman marries the wastrel son of a British aristocrat. Her husband, who has been disinherited by his father, loses what little money he has left gambling in casinos and then dies, leaving her penniless and with an infant son. When her former father-in-law tries to get custody of the child, she leaves him with a couple she trusts, but when she later goes to reclaim her son, she can't find the people she left him with.


Frank Borzage


Brandon Hurst - St. Aubyns Sr
Norma Talmadge - Polly Pearl
Wallace MacDonald - Leonard St. Aubyns
Alfred J. Goulding - Tom Robinson (as Alf Goulding)
Doris Lloyd - Fannie Clair
Johnny Fox - Freckles (as John Fox Jr.)
Paulette Duval - Madame Adrienne Catellier
Emily Fitzroy - Madame Blanche
Margaret Seddon - Mrs. Cairns
Miles McCarthy - Mr. Graves
Marc McDermott - Mr. Wendover
George Hackathorne - Leonard Cairns
Walter Long - Blackie
John Herdman - John Cairns (uncredited)
Ed Hubbell - London Boy (uncredited)
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