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The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm (2011)

imdb rating3.3Rotten Tomatoes rating28%
In the early 1990s the property was bought on contract by Herb Baumeister, a local business owner and family man. Although never brought to trial, he was the prime suspect in the disappearance of a number of individuals from the Midwest through two decades. Over a six-month period, six paranormal investigation teams,including psychics, a demonologist, EVP and visual specialists,investigated an 18-acre estate in Westfield, Indiana known as Fox Hollow Farm.


portraitDan Hall


portraitMyrna Cooke - Herself
portraitAlex Hall - Narrator
portraitMarilene Isaacs - Herself
portraitMichael McDowell - Himself
portraitTracy Bacon
portraitChristopher Lein
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