The Great Dan Patch (1949)

imdb rating5.9
David Palmer, a young chemist, returns to his father's Indiana farm, to marry a local school teacher, Ruth Treadwell. David meets again his father's horse-trainer, Ben Lathrop, whose daughter, Cissy, has left high school to help her father. Palmer marries and becomes wealthy through an invention, and is able to indulge his socially-ambitious wife. His father dies and Palmer returns to Indiana, where his interest in harness-racing is rekindled, as is his interest in Cissy Lathrop.


Joseph M. Newman


Dennis O'Keefe - David Palmer
Gail Russell - Cissy Lathrop
Ruth Warrick - Ruth Treadwell
Charlotte Greenwood - Aunt Netty
Henry Hull - Dan Palmer
John Hoyt - Ben Lathrop
Arthur Hunnicutt - Chet Williams
Clarence Muse - Voodoo
Harry Lauter - Bud Ransome
Highland Dale - Dan Patch, a Horse
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