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The Gold Rush (1925)

imdb rating8.2Rotten Tomatoes rating100%
A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He soon gets mixed up with some burly characters, falls in love with the beautiful Georgia, and tries to win her heart with his singular charm.


portraitCharlie Chaplin


portraitCharlie Chaplin - The Lone Prospector
portraitGeorgia Hale - Georgia
portraitMack Swain - Big Jim McKay
portraitTom Murray - Black Larsen
portraitHenry Bergman - Hank Curtis
portraitMalcolm Waite - Jack Cameron
portraitHarry Arras - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJames Dime - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitCharles Force - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJ. C. Fowler - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitRay Grey - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitWilliam Hackett - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJack Herrick - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitGeorge Holt - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitChris-Pin Martin - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitClyde McAtee - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitSteve Murphy - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitFrank Rice - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJoe Smith - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJohn Wallace - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitAlbert Austin - Prospector (uncredited)
portraitHeinie Conklin - Prospector (uncredited)
portraitAl Ernest Garcia - Prospector (uncredited)
portraitJohn Rand - Prospector (uncredited)
portraitTom Wood - Prospector (uncredited)
portraitKay Deslys - Georgia's Friend (uncredited)
portraitJoan Lowell - Georgia's Friend (uncredited)
portraitBetty Morrissey - Georgia's Friend (uncredited)
portraitInez Gomez - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitHelen Hayward - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitBetty Pierce - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitJane Sherman - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitBess Wade - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitMary Williams - Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
portraitSid Grauman - Extra in Chilkoot Pass Climb (uncredited)
portraitLita Grey - Extra in Chilkoot Pass Climb (uncredited)
portraitMargarita Martín - Squaw (uncredited)
portraitBarbara Pierce - Manicurist (uncredited)
portraitTiny Sandford - Barman (uncredited)
portraitLarry Steers - Tacoma First Officer (uncredited)
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