The Gentle Sex (1943)

imdb rating6.2
During the War seven women from very different backgrounds find themselves together in the Auxiliary Territorial Services. They are soon drilling, driving lorries, and manning ack-ack batteries.


Leslie Howard


Joan Gates - Gwen Hayden
Jean Gillie - Jean Gillie
Joan Greenwood - Betty Miller
Joyce Howard - Anne Lawrence
Rosamund John - Maggie Fraser
Lilli Palmer - Erna Debruski
Barbara Waring - Joan Simpson
John Justin - Flying Officer David Sheridan
Elliott Mason - Mrs. Fraser
Leslie Howard - Narrator (Voice)
Tony Bazell - Ted
Frederick Leister - Colonel Lawrence
Everley Gregg - Miss Simpson
John Laurie - Scots Corporal
Mary Jerrold - Mrs. Sheridan
Meriel Forbes - Junior Commander Davis
Miles Malleson - Guard
Jimmy Hanley - 1st Soldier
Frederick Peisley - 2nd Soldier
Ronald Shiner - Racegoer
Harry Welchman - Captain Ferrier
Rosalyn Boulter - Telephonist
Grace Arnold - Restaurant Attendant
Frank Atkinson - Restaurant Customer
Claude Bailey - Staff Officer
Clifford Buckton
Peter Cotes - Taffy
Amy Dalby - Lady Behind the Bar at the Dance
Richard George - Naval Officer
Roland Pertwee - Captain
Johnnie Schofield - Sgt. in Dance Cafe
Nicholas Stuart - British Officer
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