The Gentle Sex (1943)

imdb rating6.2Rotten Tomatoes rating44%
During the War seven women from very different backgrounds find themselves together in the Auxiliary Territorial Services. They are soon drilling, driving lorries, and manning ack-ack batteries.


Leslie Howard


Joan Gates - Gwen Hayden
Jean Gillie - Jean Gillie
Joan Greenwood - Betty Miller
Joyce Howard - Anne Lawrence
Rosamund John - Maggie Fraser
Lilli Palmer - Erna Debruski
Barbara Waring - Joan Simpson
John Justin - Flying Officer David Sheridan
Elliott Mason - Mrs. Fraser
Leslie Howard - Narrator (Voice)
Tony Bazell - Ted
Frederick Leister - Colonel Lawrence
Everley Gregg - Miss Simpson
John Laurie - Scots Corporal
Mary Jerrold - Mrs. Sheridan
Meriel Forbes - Junior Commander Davis
Miles Malleson - Guard
Jimmy Hanley - 1st Soldier
Frederick Peisley - 2nd Soldier
Ronald Shiner - Racegoer
Harry Welchman - Captain Ferrier
Rosalyn Boulter - Telephonist
Grace Arnold - Restaurant Attendant
Frank Atkinson - Restaurant Customer
Claude Bailey - Staff Officer
Clifford Buckton
Peter Cotes - Taffy
Amy Dalby - Lady Behind the Bar at the Dance
Richard George - Naval Officer
Roland Pertwee - Captain
Johnnie Schofield - Sgt. in Dance Cafe
Nicholas Stuart - British Officer
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