The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)

imdb rating7.2Rotten Tomatoes rating80%
Set in the years before and during World War I, this epic tale tells the story of a rich Argentine family, one of its two descending branches being half of French heritage, the other being half German. Following the death of the family patriarch, the man's two daughters and their families resettle to France and Germany, respectively. In time the Great War breaks out, putting members of the family on opposing sides.


Rex Ingram


Rudolph Valentino - Julio Desnoyers
Josef Swickard - Marcelo Desnoyers
Alice Terry - Marguerite Laurier
Alan Hale - Karl von Hartrott
Pomeroy Cannon - Madariaga
Bridgetta Clark - Doña Luisa
Virginia Warwick - Chichí
Mabel Van Buren - Elena
Stuart Holmes - Otto von Hartrott
John St. Polis - Etienne Laurier
Mark Fenton - Senator Lacour
Derek Ghent - René Lacour
Nigel De Brulier - Tchernoff
Bowditch M. Turner - Argensola
Edward Connelly - Lodgekeeper
Wallace Beery - Lieut. Col. von Richthosen
Harry Northrup - The General
Arthur Hoyt - Lieutenant Schnitz
Xavier Cugat - Violinist inTango Bar Scene (uncredited)
Louise Emmons - French Mother Bidding Farewell (uncredited)
John George - Argentine Ranch Resident (uncredited)
Jean Hersholt - Prof. von Hartrott (uncredited)
Noble Johnson - Conquest (uncredited)
Kathleen Key - Georgette (uncredited)
Ramon Novarro - Guest at Ball (uncredited)
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