The Flapper (1920)

imdb rating6.5Rotten Tomatoes rating92%
A Southern teen at a ritzy boarding school gets into mischief while acting the sophisticated grownup to impress a suave gentleman and match wits with a pair of jewel thieves.


Alan Crosland


Olive Thomas - Genevieve 'Ginger' King
William P. Carleton - Richard Channing
Theodore Westman Jr. - Bill E. Forbes
Warren Cook - Senator King
Katherine Johnston - Hortense
Arthur Housman - Tom Morran
Louise Lindroth - Elmina Buttons
Marcia Harris - Miss Paddles
Charles Craig - Reverand Cushil
Bobby Connelly - King Jr.
Maurice Steuart - Schoolboy
Russell Hewitt - Schoolboy (Uncredited)
Aleene Bergman - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Barbara Butler - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Mildred Cheshire - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Dorothy Kent - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Eileen Percy - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Athole Shearer - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
Norma Shearer - Schoolgirl (Uncredited)
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