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The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks (1924)

imdb rating6.6
An example of ironic Soviet propagandistic film from the silent era, this film chronicles the adventures of an American, "Mr. West," and his faithful bodyguard and servant Jeddie, as they visit the land of the horrible, evil Bolsheviks. Through various mishaps, Mr. West discovers that the Soviets are actually quite remarkable people, and, by the end of the film, his opinion of them has changed to one of glowing admiration! Written by Mark Toscano


portraitLev Kuleshov


portraitPorfiri Podobed - Mr. West
portraitBoris Barnet - Jeddy - The Cowboy
portraitAlexandra Khokhlova - Countess von Saks
portraitVsevolod Pudovkin - Shban
portraitSergei Komarov - The One-Eyed Man
portraitLeonid Obolensky - The Dandy
portraitVera Lopatina - Ellie - the American girl
portraitG. Kharlampiev - Senka Svishch
portraitPyotr Galadzhev - Crook
portraitS. Sletov - Crook
portraitViktor Latyshevskiy - Crook
portraitAndrei Gorchilin - Policeman
portraitVladimir Fogel
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