The Dance of Life (1929)

imdb rating6.5
A vaudeville comic and a pretty young dancer aren't having much luck in their separate careers, so they decide to combine their acts. In order to save money on the road, they get married. Soon their act begins to catch on, and they find themselves booked onto Broadway. They also realize that they actually are in love with each other, but just when things are starting to look up, the comic starts to let success go to his head.


John Cromwell
A. Edward Sutherland


Hal Skelly - Ralph 'Skid' Johnson
Nancy Carroll - Bonny Lee King
Dorothy Revier - Sylvia Marco
Ralph Theodore - Harvey Howell
Charles D. Brown - Lefty Miller
Al St. John - Bozo
May Boley - Gussie
Oscar Levant - Jerry Evans
Gladys DuBois - Miss Sherman
James Quinn - Jimmy
George Irving - Minister
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