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The County Fair (1920)

imdb rating5.9
"The County Fair" begins with a nasty rich guy threatening to turn an old lady onto the street--unless her niece (who lives with her) marries this man's son. While she's dead set against it, the niece is a sweet thing and would do anything to help her aunt--even marry the rich jerk. However, a possible way out is presented. When a poor young man is taken in and fed, he turns out (naturally) to be a jockey and thinks he can win the $3000 prize at the fair and save the farm.


portraitMaurice Tourneur
portraitEdmund Mortimer


portraitHelen Jerome Eddy - Sally Greenway
portraitDavid Butler - Joel Bartlett
portraitWilliam V. Mong - Solon Hammerhead
portraitArthur Housman - Bruce Hammerhead
portraitEdythe Chapman - Aunt Abigail Prue
portraitJohn Steppling - Otis Tucker
portraitCharles Barton - Tim Vail
portraitWesley Barry - Tommy Perkins
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