The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

imdb rating4.5Rotten Tomatoes rating28%
A scientist keeps his wife young by killing, stealing the bodies of, and taking the gland fluid from virgin brides. He's aided by an old hag, her two sons - a brutish moron, and a malicious dwarf - in his twisted crimes. A woman reporter, investigating the mystery of the vanishing brides' bodies, accesses his home and discovers the horrid secrets held by the cavernous basement of his house.


Wallace Fox


Bela Lugosi - Dr. Lorenz
Luana Walters - Patricia Hunter, Reporter
Tris Coffin - Dr. Foster (as Tris Coffin)
Elizabeth Russell - Countess Lorenz
Minerva Urecal - Fagah
Angelo Rossitto - Toby (as Angelo)
Frank Moran - Angel
Kenneth Harlan - Editor Keenan
Joan Barclay - Alice Wentworth
Gwen Kenyon - Peggy Woods
Vince Barnett - Sandy, photographer
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