The Big Lift (1950)

imdb rating6.5Rotten Tomatoes rating45%
The Berlin Air Lift from the point of view of two NCOs.


George Seaton


Montgomery Clift - Sgt. 1st Class Danny MacCullough
Paul Douglas - MSgt. Henry "Hank" Kowalski
Cornell Borchers - Frederica Burkhardt
Bruni Löbel - Gerda
O.E. Hasse - Stieber
Dante V. Morel - Capt. Dante V. Morel
John R. Mason - Capt. John R. Mason
Gail R. Plush - Capt. Gail R. Plush
Mack Blevins - Capt. Mack Blevins
William A. Stewart - Capt. William A. Stewart
Alfred L. Freiburger - 1st Lt. Alfred L. Freiburger
Gerald Arons - 1st Lt. Gerald Arons
James Wilson - 1st Lt. James Wilson
Richard A. Kellogg - 1st Lt. Richard A. Kellogg
Roy R. Steele - 1st Lt. Roy R. Steele
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