The Big Combo (1955)

imdb rating7.4Rotten Tomatoes rating92%
Police Lt. Leonard Diamond vies to bring a clever, well connected, and sadistic gangster to justice all the while obsessing over the gangster's girlfriend.


Joseph H. Lewis


Cornel Wilde - Leonard Diamond
Jean Wallace - Susan Lowell
Brian Donlevy - Joe McClure
Richard Conte - Mr. Brown
Lee Van Cleef - Fante
Earl Holliman - Mingo
Robert Middleton - Police Capt. Peterson
Helen Walker - Alicia Brown
Jay Adler - Detective Sam Hill
John Hoyt - Nils Dreyer
Ted de Corsia - Ralph Bettini
Helene Stanton - Rita
Roy Gordon - Audubon
Baynes Barron - Young detective
James McCallion - Frank - Lab technician
Tony Michaels - Photo technician
Rita Gould - Nurse
Bruce Sharpe - Detective
Michael Mark - Fred (hotel clerk)
Donna Drew - Miss Hartleby
Brian O'Hara - Attorney Malloy
Steve Mitchell - Bennie Smith, Boxer
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