Million Dollar Kid (1944)

imdb rating6.1
The gang is friend with a millionaire because they saved him from an agression. However, the gang is suspecting that the man's son was actually one of the agressors.


Wallace Fox


Leo Gorcey - Muggs McGinnis
Huntz Hall - Glimpy McClosky
Gabriel Dell - Lefty
Louise Currie - Louise Cortland
William Benedict - Skinny
Noah Beery - Captain Mathews
Iris Adrian - Mazie Dunbar
Herbert Heyes - John H. Cortland
Robert Greig - Spevin
Johnny Duncan - Roy Cortland
Stanley Brown - Lt. Andre Dupree
Patsy Moran - Mrs. McClosky
Mary Gordon - Mrs. McGinnis
Al Stone - Herbie
David Durand - Danny
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