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The Average Woman (1924)

imdb rating6.3
Reporter Jimmy Munroe is writing an article on "the average woman". He meets Sally Whipple in the library and chooses her as a likely subject, following her around to gather material for his article, and eventually falls in love with her. Her father, Judge Whipple, doesn't like it; he has Jimmy arrested and allows him to see Sally only once a week. Meanwhile, disreputable businessman Van Alten is after Sally, and tries to pressure her into marrying him by threatening to release letters he says will embarrass her father.


portraitChristy Cabanne


portraitPauline Garon - Sally Whipple
portraitHarrison Ford - Jimmie Munroe
portraitDavid Powell - Rudolph Van Alten
portraitBurr McIntosh - Judge Whipple
portraitRussell Griffin - 'Tike' La Rose
portraitCoit Albertson - Bill Brennon
portraitDe Sacia Mooers - Mrs. La Rose
portraitWilliam H. Tooker - Col. Crosby
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