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The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' (1914)

imdb rating6.4
Thwarted by his despotic uncle from continuing his love affair, a young man's thoughts turn dark as he dwells on ways to deal with his uncle. Becoming convinced that murder is merely a natural part of life, he kills his uncle and hides the body. However, the man's conscience awakens; Paranoia sets in and nightmarish visions begin to haunt him.


portraitD. W. Griffith


portraitHenry B. Walthall - The nephew
portraitSpottiswoode Aitken - The uncle
portraitBlanche Sweet - The Sweetheart
portraitGeorge Siegmann - The Italian
portraitRalph Lewis - The detective
portraitMae Marsh - The maid
portraitRobert Harron - The grocery boy
portraitGeorge Beranger - -
portraitDonald Crisp - -
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