Terror Island (1920)

imdb rating5.5Rotten Tomatoes rating17%
Inventor Harry Harper (Harry Houdini) travels to the South Seas, where there is buried treasure belonging to a girl, Beverly West (Lila Lee). Naturally, others are after the loot, and Beverly's father (Fred Turner) is being held captive by cannibals until she returns to them with a pearl that belongs to one of their idols. The climax consists of Harper saving Beverly from a safe which has been lowered into the sea.


James Cruze


Harry Houdini - Harry Harper
Jack Brammall - Tom Starkey
Lila Lee - Beverly West
Wilton Taylor - Job Mourdant
Eugene Pallette - Guy Mourdant
Ed Brady - Captain Black
Taylor N. Duncan - First Officer Murphy
F.A. Turner - Mr. West
Rosemary Theby - Stella Mourdant
Frank Bonner - Chief Bakaida
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