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Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

imdb rating3.8Rotten Tomatoes rating40%
A young alien falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a food-breeding ground for giant lobsters from their planet.


portraitTom Graeff


portraitDavid Love - Derek
portraitDawn Bender - Betty Morgan
portraitHarvey B. Dunn - Gramps Morgan
portraitBryan Grant - Thor
portraitTom Graeff - Joe Rogers
portraitKing Moody - Spacecraft Captain
portraitHelen Sage - Nurse Morse
portraitFrederick Welch - Dr. C.R. Brandt, MD
portraitCarl Dickensen - Gas Station Attendant
portraitSonia Torgeson - Alice Woodward
portraitBilly Bridges - Driver picking up Thor
portraitJames Conklin - Professor Simpson
portraitGene Sterling - The Alien Leader
portraitRalph Lowe - Moreal, Spaceship Crew
portraitBill DeLand - Saul, Spaceship Crew
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