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Tales of Hoffmann (1916)

imdb rating6.2
This movie, directed by Richard Oswald, is based on the operetta "Les contes de Hoffmann" by Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), which is a genial musical potpourri from various short stories and novels by the Prussian writer, composer, painter, lawyer and judge E.T.A. Hoffmann (1776-1822). While Hoffmann's literary work was longtime considered to be merely fantastical, it was finally researched, in the last years, according to its metaphysical background. Characteristic for Hoffmann's work is his life-long fight against rationalism and for the revelation of nature morte, culminating mostly in carnival-like scenes anticipating literary techniques only described in the works of Bachtin and Bachelard.


portraitRichard Oswald


portraitKurt Wolowsky - junger Hoffmann
portraitMax Ruhbeck - Onkel
portraitPaula Ronay - Tante
portraitWerner Krauß - Conte Dapertutto
portraitFriedrich Kühne - Coppelius, Brillenhändler
portraitLupu Pick - Spalanzani, Direktor eines Museums
portraitErnst Ludwig - Rat Crespel
portraitNelly Ridon - Frau Rat Crespel
portraitRuth Oswald - kleine Antonia
portraitAndreas Van Horn - Dr. Mirakel
portraitErich Kaiser-Titz - E.T.A. Hoffmann
portraitFerdinand Bonn - Stadtrat Lindorf
portraitKäte Oswald - Schauspielerin
portraitAlice Hechy - Olympia, Automat
portraitThea Sandten - Giulietta
portraitLouis Neher - Schlemihl
portraitRessel Orla
portraitRichard Oswald
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