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Squeal (2008)

imdb rating3.6Rotten Tomatoes rating12%
When band members are stranded on a country road, excitement of their first tour is diminished by the horrors of a science experiment gone awry. Their pig-human hybrid mutant captors have many horrors in store but true revulsion does not descend until daylight when the extent of their work is revealed.


portraitTony Swansey


portraitAllison Batty - Valerie
portraitKevin Oestenstad - Mark
portraitStephen Dean - Travis
portraitJoe Burke - Tom
portraitKelly Jean Badgley - Mindy
portraitEsther Claire - Cindy
portraitGary Murphy - Hank
portraitJohn LaFlamboy - Yuppie
portraitJustin Degiacomo - Danny
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