Sinners in Paradise (1938)

imdb rating5.7
The survivors from a plane crash are washed up on an island where the only inhabitants are Mr. Taylor and his servant, Ping. The mismatched group must learn to get along and work together if they are to convince Taylor to let them borrow his boat and return to the main land.


James Whale


Madge Evans - Anne Wesson
John Boles - Jim Taylor
Bruce Cabot - Robert "The Torpedo" Malone
Marion Martin - Iris Compton
Gene Lockhart - Senator John P. Corey
Charlotte Wynters - Thelma Chase
Nana Bryant - Mrs. Franklin Sydney
Milburn Stone - T.L. Honeyman
Don Barry - Jessup
Morgan Conway - Harrison Brand
Willie Fung - Ping
Dwight Frye - Marshall
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