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Santa Fe Trail (1940)

imdb rating6.3Rotten Tomatoes rating83%
As a penalty for fighting fellow classmates days before graduating from West Point, J.E.B. Stuart, George Armstrong Custer and four friends are assigned to the 2nd Cavalry, stationed at Fort Leavenworth. While there they aid in the capture and execution of the abolitionist, John Brown following the Battle of Harper's Ferry.


portraitMichael Curtiz


portraitErrol Flynn - Jeb Stuart
portraitOlivia de Havilland - Kit Carson Holliday
portraitRaymond Massey - John Brown
portraitRonald Reagan - George Custer
portraitAlan Hale - Tex Bell
portraitWilliam Lundigan - Bob Holliday
portraitVan Heflin - Rader
portraitGene Reynolds - Jason Brown
portraitHenry O'Neill - Cyrus Brody
portraitGuinn Williams - Windy Brody
portraitAlan Baxter - Oliver Brown
portraitJohn Litel - Martin
portraitMoroni Olsen - Robert E. Lee
portraitDavid Bruce - Phil Sheridan
portraitHobart Cavanaugh - Barber Doyle
portraitCharles D. Brown - Major Sumner
portraitJoe Sawyer - Kitzmiller
portraitFrank Wilcox - James Longstreet
portraitWard Bond - Townley
portraitRussell Simpson - Shubel Morgan
portraitCharles Middleton - Gentry
portraitErville Alderson - Jefferson Davis
portraitSpencer Charters - Conductor
portraitSusan Peters - Charlotte
portraitWilliam Marshall - George Pickett
portraitGeorge Haywood - John Hood
portraitArthur Aylesworth - Abolitionist at Russell's House (uncredited)
portraitRoy Barcroft - Engineer (uncredited)
portraitTrevor Bardette - Agitator in Palmyra (uncredited)
portraitEdward Biby - Party Guest (uncredited)
portraitAl Bridge - Palmyra Townsman (uncredited)
portraitJess Lee Brooks - Doorman at Washington Party (uncredited)
portraitGeorgia Caine - Officer's Wife at Party (uncredited)
portraitLucia Carroll - Girl at Wedding (uncredited)
portraitEddy Chandler - Armory Guard (uncredited)
portraitLane Chandler - Adjutant (uncredited)
portraitBud Cokes - Cadet (uncredited)
portraitMildred Coles - Girl at Wedding (uncredited)
portraitHarry Cording - Workman in Delaware Crossing (uncredited)
portraitJoseph Crehan - Officer at Washington Party (uncredited)
portraitJack Deery - Party Guest (uncredited)
portraitJack Deery - Preacher at Wedding (uncredited)
portraitJim Farley - Brewer, Armory Hostage (uncredited)
portraitMildred Gover - Mammy (uncredited)
portraitMitzi Green - Girl at Wedding (uncredited)
portraitCreighton Hale - Telegraph Operator (uncredited)
portraitHenry Hall - Abolitionist at Russell's House (uncredited)
portraitSam Harris - Party Guest (uncredited)
portraitTheresa Harris - Maid (uncredited)
portraitEdward Hearn - Abolitionist in Armory (uncredited)
portraitRussell Hicks - Dr. J. Boyce Russell (uncredited)
portraitSelmer Jackson - Officer Reading Names of Graduates (uncredited)
portraitPayne B. Johnson - Western Boy (uncredited)
portraitVictor Kilian - Dispatch Rider (uncredited)
portraitRichard Kipling - Army Doctor Attending Jason (uncredited)
portraitWilfred Lucas - Weiner (uncredited)
portraitEric Mayne - Train Passenger (uncredited)
portraitFrank Mayo - Engineer (uncredited)
portraitTom McGuire - Man with Surveyor (uncredited)
portraitLafe McKee - Minister (uncredited)
portraitRobert McKenzie - Kansas Townsman (uncredited)
portraitMira McKinney - Survivor at Delaware Crossing (uncredited)
portraitJohn Meyer - Workman (uncredited)
portraitFrank Mills - Train Passenger (uncredited)
portraitEdmund Mortimer - Extra in Washington Party (uncredited)
portraitJack Mower - Surveyor (uncredited)
portraitNestor Paiva - Abolitionist Noticing Army Horse Brand (uncredited)
portraitBernice Pilot - Hannah (uncredited)
portraitAlex Proper - Townsman (uncredited)
portraitClinton Rosemond - Black Man on Train (uncredited)
portraitNapoleon Simpson - Samson (uncredited)
portraitWalter Soderling - Abolitionist at Russell's House (uncredited)
portraitGrace Stafford - Farmer's Wife (uncredited)
portraitCount Stefenelli - Train Passenger (uncredited)
portraitLibby Taylor - Black Woman (uncredited)
portraitErnestine Wade - Black Woman (uncredited)
portraitEddy Waller - Workman (uncredited)
portraitBlackie Whiteford - Henchman (uncredited)
portraitErnest Whitman - Black Man in Barn (uncredited)
portraitMaris Wrixon - Girl at Wedding (uncredited)
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