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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

imdb rating2.7Rotten Tomatoes rating23%
Martians fear their children have become lazy and joyless due to their newfound obsession with Earth TV shows. After ancient Martian leader Chochem suggests that the children of Mars need more fun—including their own Santa Claus—supreme leader Lord Kimar assembles an expedition to Earth. Once there, they kidnap two children who lead them to the North Pole, then capture the real Santa Claus, taking all three back to Mars in an attempt to bring the Martian children happiness.


portraitNicholas Webster


portraitJohn Call - Santa Claus
portraitLeonard Hicks - Kimar
portraitVincent Beck - Voldar
portraitBill McCutcheon - Dropo
portraitVictor Stiles - Billy
portraitDonna Conforti - Betty
portraitChris Month - Bomar
portraitPia Zadora - Girmar
portraitLeila Martin - Momar
portraitCharles Renn - Hargo
portraitJames Cahill - Rigna
portraitNed Wertimer - Andy Henderson
portraitDoris Rich - Mrs. Claus
portraitCarl Don - Chochem / Von Green
portraitIvor Bodin - Winky
portraitAl Nesor - Stobo
portraitJosip Elic - Shim
portraitJim Bishop - Lomas
portraitLin Thurmond - Children TV Announcer
portraitDon Blair - TV News Announcer
portraitTony Ross - Santa's Helper
portraitScott Aronesty - Santa's Helper
portraitRonnie Rotholz - Santa's Helper
portraitGlenn Schaffer - Santa's Helper
portraitGene Lindsey - Polar Bear (uncredited)
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