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Ruído | Mimpi Film Festival 2017 | VOID (2018)

Sound effects are related to the vibrations of the material bodies.

Displacement. Density. Pressure.

Wheels turning on the asphalt and its cracks. Fins gliding through waves and their layers. The wind moving you forward is the same pushing you backwards. A water mass that meets and transforms the rocks in an accidental and yet natural shock. Dust spreads in an imperfect and constant flow through the concrete structures in the cities.

To listen. To feel. To move.

The massive surrounding of a single stroke through the urban surface contrasts with the isolation of a single stroke in the vastness of the sea. The deafening solitude of being inside a wave barrel comes accompanied by a fast and dry blow that wettens and finds an exit towards the sun. The hard pounding of the deck on the ground when you’re about to jump a stairway is followed by a silent pause while you’re in the air and a strong shock and a stroll as you hit the ground.

What is the relation of sound with surfing and skateboarding?

In it’s 6th edition, Mimpi hommages and brings into evidence the importance sound effects have in audiovisual productions and artistic manifestations in surfing and skateboarding.


Documentary Ruído (Noise) was filmed during Mimpi 2017, recording what happens periferically to the festival that lasted for almost a week of unusual encounters, exchange of ideas, a fine and good mix of people, skateboarding and surfing.
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