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Rocket Hunter (2020)

imdb rating1.4Rotten Tomatoes rating0%Metacritic rating0%
In one of the most dangerous missions of the war, an American B-17 pilot volunteers to fly a surrendered Messerschmitt 109 on a daring flight through the heart of Germany to try to prevent the people of London from being terrorized by the V-2 rockets. "Rocket Hunter" tells the story of an amazing pilot and his bombardier brother from the time they are teenagers dreaming of taking to the skies to the dark days of January 1945.


portraitChristopher Forbes


portraitSophie Adams
portraitJezibell Anat
portraitRonald Blanton
portraitWayne Blanton
portraitKayla Coppa
portraitRyan Cruce
portraitKelly Forbes
portraitCharlie Gabel
portraitStephen Gilliam
portraitJohn H. Greene
portraitBarry W. Jerald Jr.
portraitCatherine Jerald
portraitLin Laffitte
portraitEthan McGee
portraitBrad Owens
portraitCorbin Rivers
portraitEric E. Poe
portraitJoseph Zuchowski
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