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Red Lights Ahead (1936)

imdb rating5.9
A family loses its collective head going from rags to riches in this low-budget comedy from also-ran studio Chesterfield. Former slapstick comedian Andy Clyde starred as Grandpa Tom Hopkins who, after selling his junk business, moves in with daughter Molly (Lucille Gleason), her husband Ed (Roger Imhof), and their children Mary (Ann Doran), Edna (Paula Stone), George (Ben Alexander, and Willie (Frank Coghlan Jr.). Ed, who is a member of the town lodge "the Whales," is persuaded by Whitney (Sam Flint) the "Grand Harpoon," to buy $5,000 worth of shares in a promising gold mine, mortgaging the family home to do so. Soon the family is rich and everyone except Molly takes on airs.


portraitRoland D. Reed


portraitAndy Clyde - Grandpa Hopkins
portraitLucile Gleason - Molly 'Ma' Wallace
portraitRoger Imhof - Pa Wallace
portraitBen Alexander - George Wallace
portraitAnn Doran - Mary Wallace
portraitFrank Coghlan Jr. - Willie Wallace
portraitPaula Stone - Edna Wallace
portraitJack Randall - Nordingham
portraitSam Flint - Franklin Q. Whitney
portraitEleanor Stewart - Celeste - the Maid
portraitHerbert Clifton - Perkins
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