Randy Rides Alone (1934)

imdb rating5.4Rotten Tomatoes rating42%
Bandits lead by Matt the Mute enter a bar and kill multiple people. Randy Bowers comes to town and is framed by Matt the Mute, who is working with the sheriff (who doesn't know Matt is really a criminal). Randy escapes with the help of the niece of the dead owner of the bar. Bowers ends up running from the sheriff, and ends up in the cave in which the bandits have their hide-out…


Harry L. Fraser


John Wayne - Randy Bowers
Alberta Vaughn - Sally Rogers
George 'Gabby' Hayes - - Marvin Black aka Mat Mathews/Matt the Mute
Yakima Canutt - Henchman Spike
Earl Dwire - Sheriff
Artie Ortego - Deputy Al
Tex Phelps - Deputy
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