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Orphans of the Storm (1921)

imdb rating7.3Rotten Tomatoes rating92%
France, on the eve of the French Revolution. Henriette and Louise have been raised together as sisters. When the plague that takes their parents' lives causes Louise's blindness, they decide to travel to Paris in search of a cure, but they separate when a lustful aristocrat crosses their path.


portraitD. W. Griffith


portraitLillian Gish - Henriette Girard
portraitDorothy Gish - Louise Girard
portraitJoseph Schildkraut - Chevalier de Vaudrey
portraitCreighton Hale - Picard
portraitMonte Blue - Danton
portraitSidney Herbert - Robespierre
portraitLucille La Verne - Mother Frochard
portraitSheldon Lewis - Jacques Frochard
portraitFrank Puglia - Pierre
portraitMorgan Wallace - Marquis de Praille
portraitFrank Losee - Count de Linieres
portraitLeslie King - Jacques-Forget-Not
portraitKatherine Emmet - Countess de Linieres
portraitFlora Finch - A Starving Peasant (uncredited)
portraitLouis Wolheim - Executioner (uncredited)
portraitMarcia Harris - Henriette's Landlady (uncredited)
portraitLee Kohlmar - King Louis XVI (uncredited)
portraitKate Bruce - Sister Geneviève (uncredited)
portraitAdolph Lestina - The Doctor (uncredited)
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