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Open All Night (1924)

imdb rating4.5
Therese Duverne (Viola Dana) is bored with her even-tempered husband, Edmond (Adolphe Menjou). Isabelle Fevre (Gale Henry) suggests that Edmond go to the bicycle races and stay out all night. Then she takes Therese there and introduces her to manly Petit Mathieu, one of the racers (Maurice B. Flynn). Since he has just quarreled with his sweetheart, Lea (Jetta Goudal), he is glad to have Therese's attention and offers to run away with her after he wins the six-day race. Lea, meanwhile, is spending her time with Edmond. Therese eventually decides she doesn't care for brutes like Mathieu, and Edmond gains a temper and wins his wife back. Lea and Mathieu are reunited, while Isabelle goes back to helping her own alcoholic sweetheart, Igor (Raymond Griffith), break into the movies.


portraitPaul Bern


portraitViola Dana - Thérèse Duverne
portraitJetta Goudal - Lea
portraitAdolphe Menjou - Edmund Durverne
portraitRaymond Griffith - Igor
portraitMaurice 'Lefty' Flynn - Petit Mathieu
portraitGale Henry - Isabelle Fèvre
portraitJack Giddings - Von De Hoven
portraitKároly Huszár - Bibendum
portraitLouise Emmons - Bicycle Race Spectator
portraitReed Howes - American Bicyclist
portraitBynunsky Hyman - Bicycle Race Spectator
portraitJoe Murphy - Bicycle Race Spectator
portraitRuss Powell - Gendarme
portraitJulian Rivero - French Bicyclist
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