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One Year Later (1933)

imdb rating6.8
A man is convicted of killing his boss, whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife. On board the train taking him to prison for his execution are a reporter, who is dying of lung cancer and wants to interview the condemned man--and who also has some inside knowledge of the circumstances of the man's case. Also aboard is the prisoner's wife, who doesn't believe her husband is a killer and desperately wants to talk to him about it but he refuses to speak to her.


portraitE. Mason Hopper


portraitMary Brian - Molly Collins
portraitRussell Hopton - Tony Richards
portraitDon Dillaway - Jim Collins
portraitDeWitt Jennings - Deputy Russell
portraitGeorge Irving - J. Atwell Hunt
portraitJackie Searl - Obnoxious Boy on Train
portraitEdward Keane - Grant
portraitPauline Garon - Vera
portraitWalter Brennan - Man Chuckling at Train Station
portraitHarry Holman - Man Shaving on Train
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