Mutiny in the Big House (1939)

imdb rating5.2
A young man forges a check in order to help his mother, but is caught and sentenced to 14 years in prison...


William Nigh


Charles Bickford - Father Joe Collins
Barton MacLane - Red Manson
Pat Moriarity - Prison Warden
Dennis Moore - Johnny Davis
William Royle - Captain of Guards Ed Samson
George Cleveland - Convict 'Dad' Schultz
Charley Foy - Convict Bitsy
Russell Hopton - Convict Frankie
Jeffrey Sayre - Milo
Eddie Foster - Convict Del
Jack Daley - Evans - Cell Block Guard
Dave O'Brien - Daniels
Wheeler Oakman - Benson
Charles King - Harris
Nigel De Brulier - Convict Mike Faleri
Merrill McCormick - Doc
Horace B. Carpenter - White-Haired Pedestrian
Kit Guard - Convict in Machine Shop
Harry Hayden - Mr. Scott
John Irwin - Convict
I. Stanford Jolley - Bill
Wilbur Mack - Doctor
Pat McKee - Convict in Machine Shop
Artie Ortego - Convict at Sewing Machine
Edward Peil Sr. - Prison Gate Guard
Harry Strang - Tower Guard
Blackie Whiteford - Convict in Machine Shop
Richard Austin - Singing Jim
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