M'Liss (1918)

imdb rating6.4
M'liss, a feisty young girl in a mining camp, falls for Charles Gray, the school teacher. Charles is implicated in a murder of which he is innocent, and the two must fight to save him from a lynching.


Marshall Neilan


Mary Pickford - Melissa 'M'liss' Smith
Theodore Roberts - John Benson 'Bummer' Smith
Thomas Meighan - Charles Gray
Tully Marshall - Judge Joshua McSnagley
Charles Ogle - Yuba Bill
Monte Blue - Mexican Joe Dominguez
Winifred Greenwood - Clara Peterson
Helen Kelly - Clytemnestra Veronica McSnagley
Val Paul - Jim Peterson
William H. Brown - Sheriff Sandy Waddles
John Burton - Parson Bean
Charles A. Post - Butch Saunders
Guy Oliver - Snakebit Saunders
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