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Millie (1931)

imdb rating6.2Rotten Tomatoes rating25%
Millie Blake is very careful about picking her husband, but that is no guarantee that a marriage will turn out well, nor that she will.


portraitJohn Francis Dillon


portraitHelen Twelvetrees - Millie Blake Maitland
portraitLilyan Tashman - Helen Riley
portraitRobert Ames - Tommy Rock
portraitJames Hall - Jack Maitland
portraitJohn Halliday - Jimmy Dammier
portraitJoan Blondell - Angie
portraitAnita Louise - Constance Maitland
portraitEdmund Breese - Defense Attorney
portraitFrank McHugh - John Holmes
portraitCharlotte Walker - Mrs. Maitland
portraitFranklin Parker - Spring
portraitCharles Delaney - Mike
portraitHarry Stubbs - Mark
portraitMarie Astaire - Bobby (uncredited)
portraitHooper Atchley - District Attorney Sanders (uncredited)
portraitMax Barwyn - Max - Head Waiter (uncredited)
portraitLouise Beavers - Maid (uncredited)
portraitNora Cecil - Helen and Angie's Landlady (uncredited)
portraitGeorge Chesebro - Juror (uncredited)
portraitHarvey Clark - Elmer Hawksworth (uncredited)
portraitCarmelita Geraghty - Miss Vall (uncredited)
portraitOtis Harlan - Luke - Counterman (uncredited)
portraitLillian Harmer - Governess (uncredited)
portraitAggie Herring - Tommy's Landlady (uncredited)
portraitMaynard Holmes - College Student (uncredited)
portraitFred Howard - Freddie - Reporter (uncredited)
portraitEdward LeSaint - Judge (uncredited)
portraitWilfred Lucas - Millie's Elderly Escort (uncredited)
portraitWallace MacDonald - Party Guest (uncredited)
portraitEarl McCarthy - College Student (uncredited)
portraitGeneva Mitchell - Clara Roscoe (uncredited)
portraitCyril Ring - Bailey (uncredited)
portraitCharles Sullivan - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
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