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Maytime (1923)

imdb rating6.7
Ottilie Van Zandt is forced to wed her cousin, despite her love for Richard Wayne, the gardener's son. Richard leaves, vowing to return a wealthy man and eligible suitor for her. He returns to find she has already married and, in turn, marries another girl on impulse. Two generations later, the grandchildren of Ottilie and Richard, who both have inherited their names as well, meet and develop a close friendship that culminates in the romance that their grandparents began but could not consummate years before.


portraitLouis J. Gasnier


portraitEthel Shannon - Ottilie Van Zandt
portraitHarrison Ford - Richard Wayne
portraitWilliam Norris - Matthew
portraitClara Bow - Alice Tremaine
portraitWallace MacDonald - Claude Van Zandt
portraitJosef Swickard - Colonel Van Zandt
portraitMartha Mattox - Mathilda
portraitBetty Francisco - Ermintrude
portraitRobert McKim - Monte Mitchell
portraitJulie Bishop - Little Girl
portraitPat Wing - Little Girl
portraitEdna Tichenor - Cleo
portraitBess True - Society Lady
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