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Mabel's Dramatic Career (1913)

imdb rating5.7
A young man falls in love with his mother's kitchen maid, Mabel. But his mother objects strongly, and arranges for him to meet another young woman whom she considers more suitable. Mabel confronts the young woman, and is dismissed from her position. Later, when the young man learns about the new career that Mabel has found, he begins to act in an agitated and unpredictable manner.


portraitMack Sennett


portraitMabel Normand - Mabel, the Kitchen Maid
portraitMack Sennett - Mack - Mabel's Sweetheart
portraitAlice Davenport - Mack's Mother
portraitVirginia Kirtley - City Girl - Mabel's Rival
portraitCharles Avery - Farmer / Movie Crewman
portraitFord Sterling - Actor / Onscreen Villain
portraitRoscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle - Man in Audience
portraitBilly Jacobs - Mabel's Son
portraitCharles Inslee - Film Director
portraitDave Anderson - Driver / Man in Audience
portraitGordon Griffith - Boy
portraitWilliam Hauber - Cameraman / Projectionist
portraitBert Hunn - Crewman / Audience Member
portraitEdgar Kennedy - Audience Member / Cop in Movie
portraitGrover Ligon - Audience Member
portraitHank Mann - Audience Member
portraitBilly Gilbert - Audience Member
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