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Love Never Dies (1921)

imdb rating6.7
John and Tilly's happy marriage is ruined when Tilly's father finds out about the scandalous past of John's mother. John, unaware of his father-in-law's meddling, thinks Tilly has left him, and he leaves town. Her father leads Tilly to believe that John has died in an accident, and he pushes her to marry someone else.


portraitKing Vidor


portraitMadge Bellamy - Tilly Whaley
portraitLloyd Hughes - John Trott
portraitClaire McDowell - Liz Trott
portraitLillian Leighton - Mrs. Cavanaugh
portraitFred Gamble - Sam Cavanaugh
portraitJulia Brown - Dora Boyles
portraitFrank Brownlee - Ezekiel Whaley
portraitWinifred Greenwood - Jane Holder
portraitJoseph Bennett - Joel Eperson
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