Letter of Introduction (1938)

imdb rating6.2Rotten Tomatoes rating20%
An aging actor, trying to make a comeback on Broadway, is surprised when his estranged daughter shows up. It seems that she is an actress and is also trying to make it on Broadway. He tries to re-establish his relationship with her while also trying to hide the fact that she is his daughter from the press.


John M. Stahl


Adolphe Menjou - John Mannering
Andrea Leeds - Kay Martin
Eve Arden - Cora Phelps
Ann Sheridan - Lydia Hoyt
George Murphy - Barry Paige
Edgar Bergen - Himself
Rita Johnson - Honey
Ernest Cossart - Andrews, the Butler
Frank Jenks - Joe, theatre prompter
Jonathan Hale - Lou Woodstock
Constance Moore - Autograph Seeker
Frances Robinson - Hatcheck Girl
Eleanor Hansen - Stagestruck Girl
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